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We work with technologists, user experience experts and business analysts to
identify challenges and help solve them with human centered technology.

No spectators allowed.
This is NOT a conference; less talking, more building!

We identify problems and bring opportunities to life by creating
prototyped solutions to test with real audiences over a 10-day period.


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According to Forbes more companies need to innovate to improve these declining numbers.
Our mission is to educate, inspire and empower leaders with human centered
technology to identify and address these challenges.

  • Average lifespan of a successful
    S&P 500 Company in the 1920’s:

  • 67 years

  • Average lifespan today:

  • 15 years


In most cases, no one person is assigned the responsibility
of driving innovation within an organisation. We have identified the
following disciplines as being key driving forces in the process of
initiating organizational change.

  • Information Technology

    Responsible for executive decisions regarding the purchase of IT equipment, the creation of new systems, and leading and directing the workforce of an organisation.

  • Marketing

    Responsible for facilitating growth, sales, and marketing strategies; the objectives of this being revenue generation, cost reduction, or risk mitigation.

  • Strategy

    Responsible for developing, communicating, and implementing a company’s strategy, internally and externally, so that all employees, partners, suppliers, and contractors understand the company-wide strategic plan and how it carries out the company’s overall goals.

What previous clients had to say:

“Urbian’s risk adverse approach was what we needed to disrupt the saturated smartphone market in SA at the time. They helped us reach a sales target of 10x more than we expected.”



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We have a few sessions available:

1) 1st – 12th February 2017
2) 7th – 18th March 2017
3) 4th – 15th April 2017
4) 2nd – 13th May 2017
5) 6th – 17th June 2017
6) 4th – 15th July 2017
7) 1st – 12th August 2017
8) 5th – 16th September 2017
9) 3rd – 14th October 2017
10) 7th – 18th November 2017

Workshop 17
17 Dock Road
V & A Waterfront
Cape Town

Please Note: We are currently based in Cape Town,
however we are able to adjust the venue to better suit your preferred location.

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Each application is carefully reviewed to ensure the requirements are achievable and have the opportunity to disrupt within a sector. If you have require any more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Email: info@failtothefuture.com
Phone +27 21 422 3241

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